Sep 07

Checkout the church mobile giving application that Vision2 has built. I am very proud of the work the team. One click giving for the church, even faster than sms based giving.

Check out Vision2

Sep 01


The new Vision2 systems website is up. A giving systems have never been so easy, until now.

Jul 06

One of the things that struck me from working with Heifer International while I was at Blackbaud was that there is a real need for a customized experience with acknowledgements that reflects the donors experience in supporting the organization. At Vision2 we built the acknowledgement sequence which allows each organization to create a customized acknowledgement by what the donor gives to that changes each time they give if the organization desires.

The gift acknowledgement sequence is customized by channel .

Unlike many systems where the acknowledgement is a general purpose tool on the web or via email, Vision2 allows each organization to tailor its acknowledgement experience to what the donor is passionate about. Every opportunity to engage the donor community should be met with simple and easy to use tools to do so.

Another great job by the Vision2 team in making personalized interaction a little easier for all the organizations we support and hope to support.

Apr 09

Building a SaaS solution that correctly reflects time and date globally is not always as simple as it would seem. Take something as simple as the date of a transaction. Time has meaning. A gift given tomorrow in Europe which might be tonight in Los Angeles must correctly reflect the timezone of the General Ledger. While this may seem a trivial detail, it is a real use case and one that requires careful treatment and reproduction of dates localized to their purpose. That gift has to be represented to the donor on one day and to the general ledger the next day.

But these are the things we want to get right the first time so that our clients can focus on what they need to do and leave the edge cases and hard stuff to us.

Mar 12

Well its been about a week longer than I thought it would take me to build a super flexible output mapping logic for General Ledger outputs.

The design supports grid output, financial edge, and quickbooks and allows nearly 5780 unique combinations GL account structures based on currently available data.

Fund, Project, Site
Site Project Fund
Channel Site Fund Payment Method Project

Feb 28

You don’t realize how intense things are until you step back.

* Real Time Analytics
* Real Time Sub Ledger Updates
* Real Time Data Integration for Donor and Gift Data
* Real Time Benchmarking
* Real Time Federated Analytics across organizations
* Exportable Dashboards
* Flexible GL Output for FE, QB, and Grid (Great Plains, Oracle)
* Credit Card and ACH settlement data integrated at the payment level

It has been a crazy few months and a lot of work by a lot of dedicated people. Its an honor to work with such a great team.

Nov 07

Thanks to the Vision2 team’s hard work and efforts in working through the challenging process of becoming a payment processor. We are now capable of issuing and enabling merchant accounts directly for our church and non profit clients just like PayPal, Authorize, or IATS. Can’t wait to tackle the next big hurdle working with a great group of dedicated people.

Sep 20

Vision2 is PCI level 1 certified.

Aug 31
The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
George Bernard Shaw

Well, all those late nites are paying off as is the migration to MVC4 and .NET 4.5.

Event API
I didn’t think I would get the API in until release 2, but in two weeks we will be releasing our Event APIs that will allow clients to specify their web service end points to receive our data changes as they are made by members, prospects, volunteers, staff or donors via the web or our mobile phone application. So hit the save button and data shows up at your end point. Our clients can create a data warehouse that is fed real time with each transaction or update other best of breed systems.

In addition we will be offering some limited support for direct connection of Excel, BI tools, and SQL Server Integration Services directly to our application via the OData standard. It should provide easy secure access to client data using the same credentials and permissions that users have in the application. Want to view your data in Excel. Live feed? Just authenticate and analyze.

OAuth 2.0
Of course all the basics you would expect, Google, Facebook, etc. We also will be leveraging OAuth for single sign on scenarios to make integration of our web giving capabilities into our client’s sites super easy. So if a client has an existing identity management solution and it passes our security audit, we will trust their identity solution and allow them to provide authentication for Vision2.

We are super excited about making sure our clients have simple robust capabilities that make their lives easier.

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